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How to buy new DTH connection on Mydthshop?

How to buy new DTH connection on Mydthshop? Go to just click on the respected carrier like hashtag # Tatasky , hashtag # Videocond2h , hashtag # Airtel , hashtag # Dishtv , etc. Select your package which you want to purchase. As i hope you are already aware about the 1 month free subscription and free of cost installation. Go to check out page and fill your address details where you want to get the installation done. Make payment by your credit card or debit card by digital wallets as per your wish and you can also opt for COD ( Cash On Delivery ). Thats all you need to do. Rest will be taken care by Mydthshop.

Why cover DTH Dish with plastic Bottles etc??

This is done to save Dish LNB from water in rain or from the monkeys or any other animal, birds to harm your DTH dish. There are chances that water through Dish LNB may enter the cable, there are also some chances that monkeys or any other creature may jump off the antenna and may affect the signals and hence, the picture quality. Animals and birds are also curious to know what these dish like structure is, they thought they can found something to eat in it. The only way to protect dish from them is to install away from their reach. The best way to protect Dish from water and other birds and animals, make the dish covered. There are several ways to do that like you can cover the dish with a cloth, wooden box, iron box and you can also use an umbrella to protect. hashtag